Beer Cave Shelving

This post is for supermarket / beverage retailers in New York, Pittsburgh, Minnesota and everywhere in the nation. Handy Store Fixtures has the retail shelving fixtures you need: Beer Cave shelving.

Why Handy Store Fixtures Beer Cave shelving for your retail store? Here’s why:

• Handy Store Fixtures Beer Cave shelving is made for storing a large variety of beverages inside your refrigeration units
• As with all Handy Store Fixtures shelving, Beer Cave shelving is designed for maximum strength and durability
• Beer Cave shelving is structured that the top 3 shelves including lips are gravity fed and bottom 2 shelves are flat, which makes it easy for grabbing cases

You also get a variety of size options:

• Available 84” high
• Available in 24” or 30” depths
• Available in 3’, 4’, 6‘, 7, or 8’ lengths
• Available in black color NSF approved

See the pictures of Beer Cave Shelving below, and contact Handy Store Fixtures today.